[2023] C05 A tipping point in the climate emergency – we need to act now 

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Carried motion

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Motion 16 and amendments

Congress reaffirms that the climate emergency is real and that time is running out to achieve the necessary changes required to get to Net Zero by 2050. Climate justice cannot be separated from social justice.  It is the most marginalised communities whose health suffers most from climate change, pollution and loss of nature.

June 2023 may be remembered as the start of a big change in the climate system, amid signs that some systems are tipping toward a new state from which they may not recover.

Congress notes the Met Office ‘State of UK Climate’ report, which confirms that 2022 was a record-breaking year for weather and a sign of the UK’s changing climate.

Congress commends workers’ emergency responses to climate and extreme weather events such as wildfires, floods, droughts and heat waves.

Congress 2022 supported funding our public services to tackle climate change but the challenge is broader.  Governments need to do more and workers need to be at the table.

Congress recognises that climate change affects all workers as citizens but it is also having an increasing adverse effect in our workplaces.  The impacts are being felt everywhere and go way beyond the increased health impacts of extreme weather events such as heat and floods.

Yet our climate and environmental workforce is under paid and over-worked. Essential expertise is being lost from under-funded public services.

Conference welcomes the work the TUC has done and calls on the General Council to:

1. coordinate and support unions furthering this work both nationally and globally, working alongside the ETUC, ITUC and civil society organisations;

2. lobby UK government to recommit to their climate commitments and to introduce a Just Transition Commission with dedicated ministerial oversight and representatives from all stakeholders including unions;

3. Press for increased investment in the climate and environmental workforce;

4. work with STUC, WTUC and other union partners to adapt their existing bargaining guides for reps to become UK wide resources;

5. continue lobbying employers and governments for facility time for green reps;

6. hold a green reps seminar in 2024;

7. support mobilisations in Big Green Week and at COP28.

Seconder: Prospect
Supporters: CSP, FBU