[2018] ** Composite 13 A new deal for workers

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Carried motion

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Motion 69 and amendments

Congress agrees the 12 May New Deal rally is the catalyst for stronger collective action in the biggest trade union campaign for decades to reclaim our purpose as the collective voice of workers and to change the balance of forces in the world of work. Current volatility means now is the time to bring people together around a new deal manifesto with worker and trade union rights at its core.

The General Council must agree, publish and deliver a new deal next steps plan based on the following:

  1. Agree a common bargaining agenda for individual sectors to tackle insecure employment, inequality and in-work poverty and stress.
  2. Convene a summit to agree a charter, similar to Bridlington, which promotes greater co-operation on how we recruit the millions of unorganised UK workers and bring an end to inter-union competition.
  • Agree a trade union new deal manifesto that builds on the Labour Party Manifesto and the work of the Institute of Employment Rights.
  1. Develop links and solidarity with other groups campaigning for social justice to build a better future and stronger society.
  2. Urgently challenge the government to amend the current Trade Union Act in respect of postal balloting for industrial action. The case for modernisation of the balloting laws and the introduction of workplace/e-balloting is clear. The current law restricts unions ability to defend our members.
  3. Organise a day of action in support of the new deal in the first half of 2019, backed up and preceded by our biggest ever collective communication, social media and workplace meeting strategy. The action will be deliverable by agreeing an innovative menu of options that workers everywhere can participate in on a given date.

Congress recognises that with the structural inequality and imbalance of power in today’s economy, the major problems in today’s world of work and the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution it has never been more important for unions to come together like never before and deliver a bold new deal for workers and their communities.

Mover: Communication Workers Union

Seconder: National Education Union

Supporter: Public and Commercial Services Union