[2020] Composite 10 Pay

carried motion
Carried motion

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Motion 41 and amendments

Congress notes that while businesses and banks were bailed out after the 2008 financial crisis, public sector workers have suffered a decade of austerity, pay cuts and worsening conditions. The Covid-19 crisis has now demonstrated the true value of their work to the country.

We note that, since 2010, average civil service pay has fallen in value by over 20 per cent at the same time as MPs’ pay has increased in value by 20 per cent. Congress condemns the government for continuing to limit pay increases in the civil service and related areas to between 1.5 per cent and 2.5 per cent.

Congress condemns the insulting pay offer of 2 per cent made by fire and rescue service employers, despite firefighters and emergency control staff taking on additional work and facing the Westminster-imposed pay cap for many years.

Congress utterly condemns the Treasury for considering imposing a two-year public sector wage freeze to pay for increased government borrowing during the pandemic.

Congress believes that the pandemic has brought about huge changes in society and a reawakened respect for public sector workers, and that there is now a popular awareness of the potentially devastating effects of another round of austerity.

Congress resolves to step up to the plate, recognise that the scale of the problem requires a joint union response, and work together to organise a fight for fair pay for all public sector workers.

Congress calls on the General Council to coordinate a public sector pay campaign for significantly above-inflation pay increases accompanied by a high-profile media campaign that rejects any attempt to make public sector workers pay for the pandemic crisis. This work should include facilitating where possible co-ordination of the campaigning priorities of affiliates, bargaining timetables and pay demands, campaign activities, ballots and industrial action. Congress calls on affiliates to work in co-operation and solidarity when determining their industrial response to attacks on the public sector.

Mover: Public and Commercial Services Union
Seconder: GMB
Supporter: Fire Brigades Union