[2023] E1 Urgent next steps following unprecedented public response to railway ticket office closures consultation

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes the public consultation on proposals to close nearly every railway ticket office closed on 1st September and a statement issued by Labour Metro Mayors on 1st September stated their legal challenge against closures remains ongoing. On 4th September passenger watchdogs announced more than 680,000 responses had been received and as a result the passenger watchdogs decided to extend the period to consider the public responses to 31October. This was the largest ever response to a public consultation. Congress also notes on 7th September a public petition calling for a full parliamentary debate on the issue reached the required threshold.

Congress congratulates the rail unions, disabled people’s campaigning organisations, the TUC, The Mirror newspaper, politicians, and all those who have assisted in mobilising this mass response, highlighting that cuts to ticket office and station staff will make our railways less accessible, safe and affordable.

In light of the new and urgent matters highlighted in the first paragraph of this motion Congress calls on the General Council to:

Seek an urgent meeting before 31 October with the passenger watchdogs to make the case to keep all rail ticket offices open.

Lobby parliament to ensure the parliamentary debates take place before 31st October.

Coordinate with affiliates to explore options for providing support to legal challenges to the closures.

Seek an urgent meeting with government demanding withdrawal of the closures and other threats to rail workers jobs and conditions which have caused the disputes with the rail unions.


Moved:          National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

Seconded:     Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association