[2023] Motion 02 Workers’ rights/trade union rights

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress is concerned that increasing use of insecure, intermittent and precarious employment relationships has resulted in widespread job insecurity and denies workers access to basic employment rights, many of which are at serious risk of being further eroded.

Conference asserts that anti-trade union restrictions represent a direct attack on workers’ rights to fair pay, decent jobs and good terms and conditions and must continue to be resisted.

Congress decries the fact that trade unions are subjected to draconian legislation that severely impacts on workers’ ability to organise and defend their rights at work.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i. build coalitions to campaign against further restrictive trade union legislation

ii. build an appropriate industrial response to defend workers’ right to strike

iii. resist any further restrictive trade union legislation and demand:
– the repeal of all anti-union laws
– stronger rights for unions to access workplaces, win recognition, and establish collective bargaining rights
– the right for trade union members to vote online during industrial action ballots.



› Insert new paragraph 4:
“Congress congratulates the unions and the TUC who took the UK government to court and defeated new laws that allowed employers to use agency workers to break strikes. Congress agrees with the High Court that the government acted unfairly, unlawfully, and irrationally. Unions will always act to safeguard workers’ rights.”


› In final paragraph point iii., delete the first sub-point and replace with “the repeal of the Trade Union Act 2016 and all other anti-trade union legislation”.
› In final paragraph sub-point, replace full stop with comma and add at end:
“and statutory elections for executive committees and general secretaries”.
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