[2018] ** Motion 03 Save Our Steel

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress recognises the ongoing steel crisis is driven by global overcapacity and policies of the Westminster Conservative government that force our industry to compete at a disadvantage. Congress notes that our steel industry and supply chains as well as the wider manufacturing sector are constrained by the absence of an effective UK-wide industrial strategy.

Congress notes the recently imposed 25 per cent tariffs on US steel imports and the devastating impact this could have on the UK steel industry and British jobs.

Congress is clear the US tariffs cannot be justified on national security grounds and that self-defeating economic protectionism is no answer to the ongoing challenge of global overcapacity, which will require a multilateral solution.

Congress acknowledges the ongoing importance and successes of the multi-union Save Our Steel campaign.

However, Congress is under no illusion that our steel industry is continuously fighting for its future and that more must be done to ensure a sustainable future for UK steel making.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i. lobby government to deliver the long-overdue Steel Sector Deal
ii. continue campaigning to ensure that the UK steel industry is the foundation of a comprehensive government strategy for manufacturing
iii. condemn the US steel tariffs and lobby government to secure an exemption
and support strong EU safeguards to protect our industry from trade diversion
iv. lobby government to deliver a robust trade defence regime to protect our
industry from steel dumping after we leave the EU
v. continue to support the Save Our Steel campaign.