[2022] Motion 03 The real work of key workers

Composited motion

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Congress recognises the work key workers have done over the last two years to keep the nation functioning through the pandemic.

But Congress also understands that there is a lack of knowledge and understanding about what those roles actually entail within the movement, never mind in the wider public.

Congress understands there is a job of work to complete to raise awareness of the true work key workers perform in order to build support from the wider public for a new deal for workers, which has to include:

i. £15 per hour for all workers

ii. no zero-hour contracts

iii. full sick pay from day one

iv. a right to food.

Congress therefore calls on the General Council to launch an awareness campaign detailing the real work of key workers. This will involve working with affiliates to highlight union members and the roles they perform to build public understanding and therefore support for a new deal for workers. It will cut through the myths and lies the right-wing media pump out when any of us take action to increase pay, terms or conditions.

Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union