[2023] Motion 04 Campaign against the Minimum Service Levels legislation

Composited motion

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Congress condemns the Minimum Service Levels (MSLs) legislation, the most draconian attack on trade union rights in living memory.

Congress notes that the MSLs legislation effectively outlaws effective strike action in key sectors.

Congress agrees that we have no choice but to build mass opposition to the MSLs laws, including a strategy of non-compliance and non-cooperation to make them unworkable.
Congress welcomes Humza Yousaf’s pledge to the STUC congress that the Scottish Government “will never issue or enforce a single work notice” under the MSLs legislation.
Congress calls on all devolved administrations to refuse to implement the MSLs legislation and to work with the trade union movement to render them inoperable.

Congress further calls on Labour-led local authorities, mayors, fire authorities and other public bodies to refuse to implement the MSLs laws.

Congress welcomes calls by affiliates for mass demonstrations against the MSLs legislation and mandates the TUC to support these demonstrations.

Congress pledges 100 per cent solidarity with any trade unions attacked under these MSL laws.

Congress supports the campaign for mass non-compliance, up to and including industrial action, to defeat these pernicious MSL laws.

Congress reaffirms its longstanding policy to campaign for the repeal of all anti-union laws and for positive legal rights for trade unions.

Congress calls on the next Labour government to immediately repeal MSLs, the Trade Union Act 2016 and take urgent steps to remove other anti-union laws.

Fire Brigades Union