[2019] Motion 05 Climate crisis and a just transition

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Congress notes the recommendation by the Committee on Climate Change that the UK move to a net zero target for emissions by 2050 and the UK parliament’s declaration of an environmental and climate emergency following a motion tabled by Jeremy Corbyn.

Congress welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s acknowledgement that it cannot be workers and communities that pay the price for changes to the energy system and commitment that the next Labour government “will guarantee that all energy workers are offered retraining, a new job on equivalent terms and conditions, covered by collective agreements and fully supported in their housing and income needs through transition”.

Congress commends Unite, GMB, Prospect and UNISON for the work they have done in promoting and developing an understanding of what a ‘just transition’ means, including the views of workers in the industries affected.

A just transition means:

i. a balanced low-carbon energy mix

iii. investment in skills and infrastructure

iii. protecting and creating high-quality jobs and employment

iv. no community left behind.

Congress welcomes the principles developed in the TUC’s statement on a just transition published in July 2019, namely:

a. a clear and funded path to a low-carbon economy

b. Workers must be at the heart of delivering these plans.

c. Every worker should have access to funding to improve their skills.

d. New jobs must be good jobs.

Congress calls on the General Council to put these at the forefront of addressing the climate crisis and moving to a greener, fairer economy.



  • Add at end of paragraph 1, “Net zero cannot be achieved without urgent investment in new, low-carbon energy generation.”
  • Add at end of paragraph 2, “The challenges of just transition will have greatest impact in regions and localities without equivalent employment opportunities.”
  • After sub-paragraph iv., insert “– unions must be at the heart of a reinvigorated industrial strategy.”