[2022] Motion 05 Economic recovery

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress recognises that the state must again become the key economic driver in the UK’s recovery.

Congress believes that rebuilding a modern, high-tech, manufacturing sector as the fundamental wealth creating aspect of the economy should be a priority.

This will restore and redistribute wealth to ensure a more equal society for all workers.

Congress believes that the power of the finance sector must be curtailed and the ability of corporations and speculators to avoid taxes, transfer wealth to tax havens must be stopped.

We must build up self-reliant production, with extensive government and local government procurement from British-based and -owned producers.

Congress notes the chronic lack of investment in industry and that the UK’s skills development as a percentage of outputs is the lowest of all 34 listed OECD nations.

This has severely weakened the British economy, reducing our ability to fund public services, utilities and advanced technology and led to inflationary pressure taking money from our vital services.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i. convene a major national initiative involving sympathetic manufacturers, unions, professional bodies and industrial area administrations to establish a national commission for manufacturing to oversee a revival in all sectors and plan a rejuvenation of production and skills development

ii. produce a campaigning document in consultation with all affiliates on the importance of manufacturing revival for us all and seeking the support of all candidates in national and local elections for our position and publicising their responses.