[2023] Motion 08 A national co-ordinated creative arts policy Congress notes:

Composited motion

Received from:

i. the importance of the creative arts to the UK economy (£109bn contributed to in 2021)

ii. continuing changes in work patterns and how that effects work and non- working time

iii. ecological change affecting work and non-work

iv. the fundamental importance of the creative arts. Its importance in both physical and mental health, for those that participate-for people who create, wish to create, and those who enjoy all forms of creative art

v. previously agreed TUC policy on lobbying for the provision of community hubs with Art Studio’s/ Rehearsal rooms and teaching spaces rooms

vi. previously agreed TUC policy on supporting arts education, at all levels. Ensuring equality of opportunity for all disadvantaged groups and proper funding.

Congress calls on:

a. the TUC and creative unions to lobby the present and future governments to develop a co-ordinated approach to the creative arts in the UK

b. the TUC to lobby and campaigning to ensure that different areas of government work together to create an overarching art provision policy for the UK in the 21st century.

Artists’ Union England