[2020] Motion 09 Building a democratic new economy

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress believes the coronavirus pandemic has not just created a public health crisis but exposed an underlying crisis in our economic model and the world of work. It is little surprise that polling reveals widespread opposition to simply returning to the ‘normal’ way of doing things.

There is a growing consensus that essential workers have been underpaid, that trade unions have been crucial to ensuring workplaces are safe, that our work/life balance has been wrong, that the basic safety net of statutory sick pay and universal credit is inadequate and that an unequal society is one that is vulnerable to crises.

Congress believes that just as there was a demand for change in 1945, this is the moment for the labour movement to assert an ambitious agenda rooted in our values of equality, collectivism and universalism.

Congress agrees that while arguing for a recovery that safeguards and creates good jobs, the TUC and unions must be vocal on the need to build a better future and put forward our vision for a green and democratic new economy underpinned by high-quality public services, including:

i. public ownership of Royal Mail to build a new role for postal workers rooted in their local communities, with tailored services to support the growth of local businesses

ii. universal access to full fibre broadband, through public ownership of BT and securing good jobs for all workers in the industry

iii. the establishment of a publicly owned Post Bank through the Post Office network, reunited with Royal Mail.

Communication Workers Union


  • At the end, add new subparagraph iv:
    “iv. the establishment of accessible government services located back in the high street throughout the UK, providing quality public sector jobs in the heart of all our communities, not just Whitehall, large city government hub sites or in red wall Tory seats.”

Public and Commercial Services Union