[2022] Motion 11 Touring in the EU

carried motion
Carried motion

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Since the lifting of Covid restrictions, 2022 has seen a much needed but tentative restart to touring in the EU. Unfortunately, this has highlighted the major bureaucratic, logistical and financial obstacles to successful touring for musicians and other performers.

These issues are particularly acute for smaller and medium sized artists who do not have the finances and staff support to overcome the numerous administrative obstacles now in their path.

Congress calls on the General Council to support the Musicians’ Union’s call to government to:

i. provide a transitional support package to help musicians with the additional costs of touring

ii. work with the music industry to create an information hub to provide a reliable ‘one stop shop’ resource for the creative industries.

iii. agree a creative industries passport for people, equipment and services to allow EU-wide touring

iv. find a permanent exemption for all specialist hauliers and those with own account vehicles to tour the EU and UK.

Musicians’ Union