[2021] Motion 18 Performance for all

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Congress notes that before the pandemic, the creative industries accounted for more than two million jobs across the UK and contributed more than £112bn to the economy. Despite its success, the sector remains host to a disproportionate level of precarious employment, long working hours, low pay, harassment and discrimination.

Congress further notes that the government’s £1.57bn Cultural Recovery Fund has largely been spent on buildings and venues. Very little has directly supported the industry’s workforce beyond the funds ringfenced in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in recognition of the failures of the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS).

Congress believes that it is time to campaign for fundamental reform in the creative industries in order to redistribute wealth, income, power and decision-making.

Congress endorses Equity’s “Performance for All” manifesto and will support union organising and campaigning efforts to achieve:

i. increased funding for the arts and entertainment industries including at local authority level

ii. democratisation and regionalisation of funding and decision-making structures

iii. a basic income guarantee for creative workers, offering a simple, universal payment to all artists each month, akin to the scheme soon to be trialled in the Republic of Ireland

iv. dignity at work for all through renewed lobbying for an extension to employment tribunal claim time limits and the implementation of ILO C190.



Add new sub-paragraph v. at end:

“v. national, regional and local authority support for community art centres that provide facilities such as studios and performance spaces for creative arts, crafts, music and theatre.“

Artists’ Union England