[2022] Motion 19 Fossil fuels

remitted motion
Remitted motion

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Congress notes:

i. The UK’s first red extreme heat warning was issued across a large part of England in July 2022.

ii. Increased use of fossil fuels contributes to global warming, which is risking the future of the planet for all who live on it.

iii. UK government statistics show 181,000 workers are directly employed by the fossil fuel industry.

iv. The historic role fossil fuels have played in the UK economy and the importance the workers in these industries have played in in the trade union movement.

v. Since the Covid lockdowns, the UK government’s policies on reducing dependency on fossil fuels have stalled or reversed despite the promises made at COP26.

vi. The development of many green projects has been halted.

vii. Though North Sea oil drilling and fracking are unpopular with the public, the government is encouraging their use.

viii. The continued greenwashing by fossil fuel providers, particularly Shell and BP.

ix. The need to develop sustainable energy security.

Congress calls on the General Council to continue to lobby on environmental issues and put pressure on the government to:

a. shift energy supply to renewables and away from fossil fuels

b. provide all fossil fuel industry workers with suitable alternative work

c. support financially all communities that are currently reliant on fossil fuel production

d. expand renewable energy sources including wind and solar

e. end reliance on gas for electricity generation

f. increase energy supply to support decarbonisation in industry and transport

g. rule out further expansion of North Sea drilling

h. continue the ban on fracking.

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