[2018] ** Motion 19 Option of a public vote on the final Brexit deal

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Congress recognises that crashing out of the European Union would put at risk many of our hard-won rights at work, and that many thousands of good jobs rely on trade; is concerned that continued inept mishandling of the exit negotiations and bitter divisions on the government benches pose the very real risk of a disastrous “no-deal” Brexit; and fears that if the UK ends up in this position, workers will be the ones who are hit hardest.

Congress reaffirms calls for:

i. the retention of all the hard-won workers’ rights that come from the EU, and making sure that UK workers get the same rights as workers in the EU into the future
ii. the rejection of a job-destroying “no-deal” Brexit, with the priority being a final Brexit deal that offers tariff-free, barrier-free, frictionless trade with the rest of Europe
iii. the rights of EU citizens working in the UK, and those of UK workers elsewhere in the EU, to be guaranteed.

Congress, recognising the real risk of a collapse in the talks, a deal that does not deliver on the TUC’s priorities, or parliamentary deadlock, therefore calls for the option of a public vote on the final Brexit deal to be kept on the table.

Royal College of Midwives