[2021] Motion 23 A new deal for self-employed workers

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress believes that workers who are self-employed or freelance are critical to our economy and society and that these workers deserve proper rights and protections at work. Congress further believes that the pandemic has exposed the precarious nature of self-employed and freelance employment for many, and the inadequate nature of government understanding and support for this important part of the labour market. It is estimated a fifth of the self-employed population are in debt because of the pandemic.

All workers deserve dignity and the right to operate free from bullying and harassment. Yet self-employed and freelancers are often exposed to negative and unsupportive cultures in their workspaces.

Congress believes that there can be no economic recovery without a recovery for the self-employed and notes that key sectors such as the creative industries depend on freelance workers.

Congress supports action by unions to represent the interests of these workers and calls for a full inquiry into the treatment of self-employed and freelance workers during the pandemic, including the issue of exclusions from government support.

Congress commits to campaign for a new deal for self-employed and freelance workers after the pandemic, including stronger health and safety protections, the extension of statutory sick pay and paid parental leave to self-employed workers, and widened access to universal credit.



At the end of paragraph 1, add:

“Congress notes the particular challenges facing PAYE freelancers, recent mothers, directors, and others excluded from government support.”

At the end of paragraph 5, after “credit”, insert “, including through the removal of the minimum income floor.”