[2019] Motion 23 Industrial action ballots

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress believes that the Trade Union Act 2016 is a direct attempt to limit the ability of unions to defend their members’ jobs and livelihoods.

Congress notes that the Act requires 50 per cent of those entitled to vote to turn out and that several unions, including PCS in a ballot returning a 79 per cent yes vote for action, have seen their members denied their right to strike by the threshold requirement.

Congress also notes that, together with developments in methods of organising including the use of new digital technology, had union members had the opportunity to cast their votes using a range of methods more appropriate to the 21st century, they would have smashed the 50 per cent threshold.

Congress notes that the Knight Review recommended that e-balloting should be tested as a means of ensuring “that ballot results are a true reflection of the views of those entitled to vote.” Yet, despite the legislative stipulation that the government must publish a response, no such response has been forthcoming.

Congress welcomes the Labour party’s pledge to repeal the Act. Congress calls for the repeal of all the anti-union laws and, as an urgent first step, for the introduction of e-balloting.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i. campaign for the introduction of online workplace and telephone voting in statutory ballots;
ii. demand that the UK government immediately commissions the pilots of e-balloting recommended in the Knight review
iii. call on the Labour party to include online balloting as a manifesto pledge.

Public and Commercial Services Union