[2022] Motion 25 Westminster attack on fire and rescue

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress condemns the Home Office’s Reforming Our Fire and Rescue Service white paper, launched in May.

Congress is appalled that the white paper contains no plans or resources to improve the fire and rescue service, nor will it solve the building safety crisis exposed by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Congress believes that the white paper:

i. is the harbinger of worse fire cover, greater fragmentation, reduced resilience and worse emergency planning

ii. threatens the legal rights of firefighters to collectively bargain with the employers over pay, conditions, safety and other contractual matters

iii. threatens the right of firefighters to take lawful industrial action

iv. seeks to give chief fire officers powers to dictate cuts to public services

v. reduces local democracy by giving powers to mayors, police and crime commissioners and chief fire officers

vi. if implemented, would cut firefighters’ pay, increase hours, roles and intensity, introduce unsafe practices and stretch the service to breaking point.

Congress condemns the gimmicks contained in the white paper, such as imposing an oath and a statutory code of ethics, which will not improve the service, but instead make it easier to discipline and sack firefighters.

Congress opposes the white paper, which is an attack on the workforce and the FBU.

Congress commits the TUC to vigorously campaigning alongside the FBU in defence of firefighters and their service.

Congress further supports the FBU’s positive programme to transform the fire and rescue service for the benefit of the communities we serve.

Fire Brigades Union