[2018] ** Motion 26 Grenfell Tower

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Congress stands in solidarity with the 72 people who died as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire, and with all those affected by it.

Congress applauds the tremendous work carried out by local organisations to support the community and to fight for justice.

Congress notes that the Grenfell Tower Inquiry has begun taking evidence about the fire.

Congress notes the inquiry’s expert reports, which show that the cladding applied to the building led to fire spread in 12 minutes to the top of the building and then across the rest of the tower.

They show almost every aspect of fire safety — including the walls, compartmentation, windows, doors, ventilation, fire lift and water supply – utterly failed.

Congress notes the impossible situation facing firefighters and emergency control staff on the night, and applauds their courage in continuing to help people and carry out rescues in appalling conditions.
Congress acknowledges the widespread anger with the Inquiry and the media for some of the questioning and for unfair criticism of firefighters.

Congress demands that the inquiry focus on those who produced and installed the cladding, and those politicians who established the system which enabled the use of these combustible materials.

Congress notes the Hackitt review, which found the building fire safety regime unfit for purpose.

Congress demands a universal ban on such combustible materials on the external walls of buildings.

Congress recommits to fighting for justice and to holding politicians, contractors and other agencies to account for the Grenfell Tower fire.

Fire Brigades Union


  • Insert new paragraph 9:
    “Congress also demands that the inquiry consider the de-regulation of building standards and practices, health and safety deregulation, austerity spending cuts and the consequent shortcuts taken when commissioning exterior cladding works, cuts to fire services, and the failure to listen to tenants and tenants’ organisations.”



  • At the end of existing paragraph 10 add: “and an overhaul of building regulations to ensure that they are fit for purpose.”
  • Insert new paragraph 11 after existing paragraph 10:
    “Congress calls on the government to reverse the outsourcing of health and safety and building control, which has resulted in many high-rise buildings being unsafe.”