[2021] Motion 28 Build back fairer

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes the UK government’s campaign to “Build Back Better” but highlights that the effects of Covid-19 were not felt equally and a return to ‘business as usual’ includes a return to an unequal society.

The trade union movement has a unique opportunity to be at the heart of a conversation to define what the future of the UK economy and society should look like. This means a future built on a foundation of fairness for all.

For the maritime industry, the pandemic provided a stark reminder of the vital role that seafarers and the maritime sector play, with seafarers in the UK being designated as key workers. However, it also exposed and intensified longstanding issues in the industry that can no longer be ignored. These include unfair workplaces and working practices, unfair pay, unfair treatment and unequal access to opportunities.

Congress therefore calls on the government to ‘Build Back Fairer’ by:

i. recognising seafarers as key workers – now and permanently

ii. working towards a new era of accountability and transparency in the shipping industry

iii. ensuring a fair transition for UK seafarers to exploit green jobs, new technology and automation that is human-centred

iv. ensuring fair access to quality jobs and training opportunities for UK seafarers.

Nautilus International