[2023] Motion 29 Financial services supporting the e-disadvantaged

Composited motion

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Since 2015, over 5,000 big name banks have disappeared from our high streets. As this trend continues, millions of vulnerable customers are left with little or no access to their cash. Despite the drive to digital not everyone has access to online banking and the loss of face-to-face services throughout the country adversely impacts the e-disadvantaged.

As financial providers continue to prioritise profit over customers’ needs it is now almost impossible to operate financial affairs without technology and those with no or limited access to it are in an increasingly vulnerable position.
Parking a car, using a public phone or accessing a secure internet is increasingly difficult without online access to a bank account.

The e-disadvantaged people are more likely to become victims of financial crime due to their technological inexperience. If they have outdated software or hardware due to lack of ability, funds, or access to sufficient services they are not protected by the industry or the government who have shifted the responsibility for security to the user without ensuring that industry advances have been inclusive and considered.

Therefore, Aegis calls on Congress to campaign for a level of secure service for the e-disadvantaged, to give protections that place the onus of access and security on service providers and government, not consumers.



› At the end of the motion, after paragraph 5, insert:
“This includes the TUC working with affiliate unions to campaign for:
i. a legal right to pay for goods and services in person using cash
ii. a statutory obligation on banks and ATM outlets to provide an appropriate network of free-to-use cash deposit and withdrawal services for public access across the UK.”

› Add new sentence at end of first paragraph after “e-disadvantaged.”: “Congress recognises that the decline in the Post Office network means that access to in-person banking services and cash has been limited further.”
› Add new sentence at end of last paragraph after “consumers.”:
“Congress also resolves to campaign against the decline of the Post Office network and to campaign for an expansion in accessible banking services available through the Post Office.”
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