[2020] Motion 31 Covid-19 and disabled workers rights

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes the Covid-19 pandemic has seen disabled people:

i. denied homeworking, forced to attend unsafe workplaces

ii. lose pay through statutory sick pay or furlough

iii. lose reasonable adjustments when redeployed and homeworking

iv. issued with unsuitable PPE

v. ignored in care homes

vi. denied access to vital communication

vii. have their rights trampled, including Care and Mental Health Acts changes.

UNISON’s Covid-19 disabled workers survey found:

a. 20 per cent unfairly denied working from home

b. 15 per cent pressured to return to work before ready

c. 73 per cent more or equally productive at home

d. 54 per cent would benefit from home working in future

e. 27 per cent not received reasonable adjustments needed for home working

f. most unaware of Access to Work or faced delays from lack of capacity and paper systems.

Congress calls on the TUC Disabled Workers Committee to demand that the government’s proposed disability strategy learns from the pandemic and includes:

  1. stronger enforcement of reasonable adjustments and disability leave
  2. increased Access to Work capacity, online options and publicity
  3. mandatory disability pay gap monitoring and action plans
  4. new vision for independence and human rights-based social care
  5. BSL Act
  6. incorporation of UNCRPD into UK law.

Congress urges the TUC to campaign on these issues during the Year of Disabled Workers.

TUC Disabled Workers Conference