[2023] Motion 31 Equal work, voice, pay

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress is clear that workers have not caused the cost of living crisis and we will not allow them to pay for it through attacks to their wages, job security, public services and benefits.

The current economic model is broken and we must prevent profiteering and reshape the economy to the benefit of workers and communities.

Further, Congress is extremely concerned that yet again we see a disproportionate impact on women, Black and Asian ethnic minorities, disabled, LGBT+ and young workers when austerity hits.

We need to ensure that equalities issues are not just the subject of good policies but part of any collective bargaining agenda that delivers concrete results and good agreements dealing with priority issues for women, BME, LGBT+ and young and disabled workers. The role of union equality rep is essential to delivering this strategy; working alongside stewards and having a seat at the negotiating table. Congress is committed to equal work, voice, pay and calls on the TUC General Council with all TUC affiliates, the TUC Women’s, Race Relations, Disabled Workers, and LGBT+ Committees, and Young Members Forum to:

i. conduct an audit to establish the number of union equality reps across affiliates

ii. compile a list of companies who voluntarily recognise the role of union equality reps

iii. support affiliates establishing an organising strategy to gain recognition for union equality reps

iv. join a wider campaign to lobby the government for the introduction of statutory rights for training and paid time off for union equality reps.