[2022] Motion 32 TUC Anti-Racism Task Force

Composited motion

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Congress notes that the TUC’s Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) has provided a crucial opportunity to create lasting change across our movement.

The ARTF has amplified our capacity to secure racial justice and set in motion a process which can deliver meaningful and long-lasting change within our own unions and across wider society.

Congress recognises that it is essential that this process continues beyond the life of the taskforce. There is too much at stake for us to fail Black workers now.

Many unions have already commenced change projects based on the work of the ARTF. It is vital that this work becomes deeply rooted and is taken up widely across the movement.

Congress believes that the TUC has a vital role in supporting and encouraging unions to develop and continue their own work on racial justice, including through offering practical guidance and advice. Creating lasting change takes time and it is likely that this support will need to be in place for several years.

This support should be established on a formal basis and communicated out to unions so they are clear about the expectations and support that exist.

Congress also recognises that the effective engagement of senior union leaders has been an essential factor in the ARTF. It is important that we build on this beyond the ARTF, to continue sending a clear message that racial justice is of the highest priority for our movement.

Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers


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“Therefore, Congress encourages affiliates to build anti-racism frameworks and membership engagement programmes while working within trade union structures and empowering communities, to build opportunities for leadership and representation and to develop education around the intersectionality between race and class.”

Communication Workers Union