[2018] ** Motion 33 A strategy for children and young people (CYP)

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes with concern the recent report from the Children’s Commissioner outlining the large number of CYP who are living in circumstances that make them vulnerable to the negative impact of a range of adverse childhood experiences. All these adverse experiences can lead to immense stress for CYP – the impact of that stress is toxic for their healthy development and wellbeing, both short term and long term. Some of that stress could be alleviated if the impact of certain actions and policies was fully understood by all adults and taken into account when a wide range of decisions are being made.

Congress calls for:

i. a national debate across all our communities about all our children and young people and their basic needs – this should include developing a consensus about what core skills and experiences they need in order to thrive as they grow up but also in the future so that they develop successfully as active and fulfilled adults in our communities
ii. the government to publish a joined up strategy for CYP, which includes consideration of the outcomes of that debate, is guided by a growing body of research on the effects of early childhood experiences, promotes the overall holistic development and wellbeing of all CYP and ensures that all new government policies are assessed in terms of their impact upon CYP before agreeing to implement them.

Association of Educational Psychologists