[2022] Motion 33 The future for anti-racism and racial justice

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress applauds the work of the TUC Anti-Racism Task Force and Race Relations Committee in setting out a progressive programme of work and action plan for affiliates on racial justice.

Congress strongly asserts that as Black workers and their communities continue to face extensive racial disparities and a hostile government that fails to recognise the systemic and institutionalised nature of racial injustices, the trade union movement must take urgent action.

Congress strongly believes that the Anti-Racism Task Force has marked another landmark chapter in our collective fight for racial justice and urges the TUC and affiliates to build on this important work by continuing to lead the fight on anti-racism, through the leadership of the Race Relations Committee and Black Workers Conferences.

Congress calls upon the General Council to:

i. embed the Anti-Racism Task Force within the structures of the TUC

ii. provide additional resources for supporting affiliates to put anti-racism at the top of their organising and campaigning agendas

iii. commit to the roll out of a national programme of activist training to increase representation of Black workers at all levels within trade union structures

iv. commit to developing a national network of Black trade union tutors

v. fully resource racial justice work to support unions as employers

vi. work with affiliates to ensure that the voices of Black workers are centred in shaping and developing anti-racism action plans

vii. continue to strongly hold the government and employers to account for tackling all forms of discrimination.



› At the end of the second paragraph, add the following:

“Congress in particular applauds the PCS for bringing the legal challenge against the Tories’ racist Rwanda deportation scheme.”

› In the final paragraph insert new sub-paragraph iii. and renumber the remainder:

“iii. work with organisations such as Show Racism The Red Card, Stand Up To Racism, Care4Calais, Refugee Action and the JCWI to challenge the hostile environment our members and communities face.”