[2019] Motion 34 Equality 2020

carried motion
Carried motion

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The Equality Act 2010 was a major milestone in advancing equality and
strengthening anti-discrimination rights. Ten years on, looking at ‘Equality 2020’, we know progress has been stalled by the disproportionate impact of austerity policies and cuts, and a shameful government-led backlash against equality. The devastating increase in hate crime and harassment, the undermining of equality auditing and monitoring, the change in objectives of the Equality & Human Rights Commission alongside a vast reduction in funding and staffing have all taken their toll.

In the face of this major onslaught on our equality achievements, unions have
remained firm, with the TUC remaining right at the forefront of defending and
building equality for all and ensuring the powerful voices of trade union women, black workers, disabled and LGBT+ workers across industrial sectors and union affiliates are not just included, but strengthened and acted on.

Congress reaffirms its strong commitment to continuing to lead the way on
advancing equality for all and calls on the General Council with the TUC Women’s,  Black Workers, Disabled Workers and LGBT+ Committees and Conferences to:
i. evaluate the achievements of the Equality Act 2010
ii. identify, and campaign with affiliates on, key issues of Equality Act unfinished business, including statutory rights for union equality representatives and mandatory equality audits, with full action to close gender, race, disability and LGBT pay and pension gaps
iii. challenge the myths and stereotypes about who trade unionists are, with action that positively supports and reinforces union organising.