[2018] ** Motion 35 Sexual harassment in the music industry

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As a result of the recent surge of allegations of sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industries, the Musicians’ Union (MU) has created a ‘safe space’ email address where musicians can report abuse and ask for assistance whilst remaining anonymous.

Congress notes the cases that have been reported to the MU have highlighted serious problems in the treatment of women in the music industry. A range of
issues have come to light including adverts calling for ‘attractive’ female violinists, inappropriate dress policies, unsuitable changing or bathroom facilities for female performers, unacceptable ‘laddish banter’, as well as instances of sustained harassment in a place of employment. The MU has also received several reports of sexual assault.

In most cases women have been expected to put up with unacceptable behaviour for the sake of their employment, and in several cases threats to job security have been made when female musicians have tried to challenge the behaviour.

Congress notes the MU is leading the music industry’s response to issues of sexual harassment by investigating individual cases, surveying musicians to find out the extent of the problem, and challenging all music professionals to promote appropriate behaviour and put in place clear policies to protect musicians from harassment.

Congress asks the General Council to help highlight the advice and assistance provided by the MU to all musicians suffering harassment or abuse.

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