[2022] Motion 36 Reasonable adjustment passports in the NHS and public bodies

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes that the TUC has adopted the social model of disability, and recognises individuals are disabled by environments and attitudes. To allow disabled people to access and thrive in the workplace, it is these environments and attitudes that need to be adjusted, not the individual.

Congress believes adjustment passports enable workers to more easily discuss, agree and record the adjustments they require to stay well in the workplace.

However, when moving from one workplace to another, the thought of discussing and ensuring all necessary adjustments are put in place in their new area of work can be daunting and time consuming. Furthermore, workers with a disability often face difficulties when managers are replaced, with stories of adjustments being removed or changed by management.

Making the recognition and use of adjustment passports mandatory in every public body would make disabled workers feel more confident in applying for and moving jobs between public bodies. It would also reduce the anxiety and concern around discussing the adjustments required when moving roles or management changes. Ensuring adjustment passports are implemented would help reduce workplace discrimination and ensure managers think how to make the workplace accessible for those individuals with a disability.

Congress calls on the General Council to develop a campaign and lobbying plan, to make the recognition and use of accessibility passports mandatory in all public bodies for workers with a disability.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy