Motion 37 Equal conditions for female professional footballers

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The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) calls on Congress to support its campaign for parity of conditions for our female professional members.

The women’s game in England has seen success at the elite level and a huge growth in participation and support. PFA members have inspired through their actions both on and off the pitch, using their platform to drive positive change.

However, professionals in the women’s game in England do not yet benefit from the same protections and structures which were fought for and won by their male colleagues.

These protections ensure that changes which will impact the contracts, conditions and rights of players in the men’s game cannot simply be imposed. They ensure that players have a seat at the table and a voice on decisions which affect them.

Players in the English women’s game also do not benefit from the types of collective bargaining agreements that are in place in countries such as the United States and Australia. These agreements mean that players, and their unions, do not have to continually fight, issue by issue, for change.

Much progress has been made in the women’s game, but much more still needs to be done. The recommendations in the recent review led by Karen Carney MBE provide an excellent framework for the future and recognise the vital role union representation has in supporting professional players. These recommendations must now be implemented.

Professional Footballers’ Association

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“This different treatment extends to the design of footwear for female footballers being based on
the structure of the male foot which can lead to injury. Conference welcomes previous calls for more research into the design of sports footwear for female footballers and other sports women.”

Royal College of Podiatry