[2020] Motion 37 Lack of financial support for seafarers as key workers during Covid-19

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes the UK government designated seafarers as keyworkers during the coronavirus pandemic in recognition of their vital role keeping the UK supplied.

According to a survey by Nautilus International, around 11,000 UK seafarers fell through the gaps of the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the coronavirus Self-employment Income Support Scheme due to their employment and tax status by being employed by companies who do not operate UK PAYE.

Despite being keyworkers and crucial to the nation many of these seafarers are facing a triple whammy: no income support from government; unable to leave the country to work, and an unbudgeted tax bill.

Congress therefore calls for the government to:

i. review its decision not to extend support to seafarers that takes into account their employment status

ii. launch a full review into the employment status of seafarers that typically sees them employed via agencies based in offshore jurisdictions.

Nautilus International