[2020] Motion 39 Opposing new Tory anti-union legislation

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress believes that:

i. The election of the Boris Johnson-led Tory government represents a renewed threat to the pay, jobs and working conditions of workers as well as trade union rights.

ii. This government will act in the interests of big business.

Congress notes:

a. the government’s implicit support for the High Court decision to prevent strike action in Royal Mail despite the national CWU ballot result of a 97 per cent yes vote on a 76 per cent turnout

b. the Tory manifesto commitment, and included in the Queen’s Speech, to introduce new anti-union legislation, targeted specifically at the rail and transport unions, which, if established, could set a precedent for other public service sectors.

Congress believes that:

1. There needs to be an immediate meeting of the TUC and the unions to discuss and prepare the union movement for attacks by the Tory government.

2. No union or unions must be allowed to fight alone – if any union is targeted by anti-union laws, all others must come to their aid, supporting any action they deem necessary.

Congress urges the TUC to:

i. alert all local members to this attempt to undermine the effectiveness of union action

ii. organise a special conference open to workplace reps and shop stewards on opposing the anti-union laws

iii. organise a Saturday London demonstration as soon as possible on the demands:

  • “Stop the Tory anti-union laws.”
  • “Defend the transport unions.”
  • “For workers’ unity against the Tories”

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