[2023] Motion 39 Research and guidance for trans young people

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes that the trans community is one of the most discriminated against in the UK today. As a result, the welfare of the trans community in the UK is of deep concern.

Congress promotes social justice and inclusion for everyone in society. These are values equally held by educational psychologists (EPs).

EPs support young people and their families to feel safety and belonging in their settings and communities. EPs know that feelings of safety and belonging are vital to an individual’s personal growth. Yet, there is much evidence to suggest that the transgender community faces many barriers to accessing the material and social conditions required to feel a sense of safety and belonging. This is particularly pertinent for trans young people, 84 per cent of whom have deliberately hurt themselves. Two in five have tried to take their own lives (Stonewall, 2019).

Congress calls for robust, bias free research to establish what best supports trans young people to flourish. This should inform published guidance for settings and services working with this vulnerable community.

Congress further notes that similar action is also needed for the non-binary community.

Association of Educational Psychologists