[2019] Motion 40 Promoting player welfare and mental wellbeing

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Congress calls on the General Council to support the provision of services for trade union members with depression and mental health and wellbeing issues. The PFA has for many years recognised the pressures and stress that life as a professional sportsman or woman can bring. Consequently, we have put in place vital support for our members in dealing with the challenges that are inherent in our profession. There are numerous difficulties and obstacles that an elite athlete has to face on a daily basis. Competition, injuries and loss of form are some of these but there is also the insecurity that short-term contracts bring and the worrying realisation that a career can come to an end with a bad injury or mis-timed tackle.

Players are also acutely aware that within a relatively short space of time they will need to transition into another career, which is always a daunting prospect. Given all these pressures it is important that the union is there to assist and support and can meet the needs of their members at critical times in their lives both during their playing career and beyond.

As a union the PFA has put substantial financial resources into education and training but we also have put in place a nationwide network of qualified counsellors to be on hand when required.

We are passionate about helping our members in good times and bad and hope that the message that support extends beyond the workplace resonates strongly throughout the trade union movement.

Professional Footballers’ Association