[2019] Motion 41 Tackling racist ideologies

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress deplores the rise of right-wing populism within many countries, including the UK, such populism usually including an overt anti-immigrant message based on an underlying racist ideology. The effects of the rise in right-wing populism and nationalism have been an increase in hate crime and anti-immigrant violence.

Another more pervasive effect is that dog-whistle racism and coded racist arguments have entered the main political discourse of the UK.

Congress acknowledges the positive work that the TUC and affiliates have done to tackle racist ideologies but recognises the urgency of intensifying such work in the fractured world in which we live.

Congress instructs the General Council to:

i. seek to increase TUC anti-racist union learning for members
ii. call for anti-racist professional learning to be offered to public sector employees, including teachers
iii. lobby and campaign, with affiliates and stakeholders, for increased funding from the UK government and devolved administrations in order to facilitate an expansion of anti-racist education delivered by specialists or specialist organisations to schools, colleges, and communities
iv. continue to mobilise and support public campaigning against racism and racist ideology.

Educational Institute of Scotland


  • Add new sub-paragraph v.:
    “v. commits to investigating methods, including approaches to stewarding and other types of security, to ensure trade union members are not put at risk from far-right and/or racist groups or individuals when marching, protesting, picketing or engaging in any other democratic activities.”

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers