[2023] Motion 42 Technology in the workplace

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress believes that the rapid proliferation of the use of new or advanced technologies in the workplace has left trade unions, and their members, on the back foot.
Surveillance technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) are being rapidly expanded and used to exacerbate workplace inequalities, create pressure on staff and in some cases, create an unsafe work environment. Congress believes that if these technologies continue to be introduced in our workplaces without consultation and agreement, they will result in a degradation of pay, terms and conditions and infringe on our basic human rights.

Congress believes there is also a growing problem in the lack of knowledge and policy surrounding the development of technologies like AI and that the labour movement must improve our resources if we are to confront the inappropriate use of these technologies in the workplace.

Congress believes that the gap in workers’ rights in regards to technology must be addressed and an iron-clad legal right to consultation must be introduced.

Congress resolves:

i. to work with the Labour Party and the government to ensure that the legal right to consult trade unions on the introduction of new technologies is enshrined in law

ii. to invest in a major research project which identifies the use of and the risks of technology, including tracking and AI, in workplaces across multiple sectors

iii. make the TUC campaign against the unscrupulous use of technology in the workplace a key initiative for 2024.

Communication Workers Union


› Insert new points after i. and re-letter existing points ii. and iii. accordingly:
“ii. to campaign for significant and long-term investment in skills and retraining, including a fundamental overhaul of the Apprenticeship Levy and recognition of the vital role of trade unions and union learning reps in encouraging workers to take up training opportunities.
iii. to deliver safeguards against discrimination.”
Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers