[2022] Motion 48 Pay and the cost of living

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress believes the cost-of-living crisis is the result of global private profiteering and government mismanagement of the economy.

Congress condemns the Westminster government’s empty promises. Ministers want workers to pay for the crisis, while continuing to provide their friends in business with profitable contracts, tax breaks and favours.

Congress condemns the Westminster government’s longstanding policy of tight constraints on public sector pay in the UK, with decades of central funding cuts, pay caps, imposed pay review bodies and other limits designed to hold down the pay of all workers.

Congress opposes the austerity policies of successive Westminster governments and devolved administrations, resulting in perpetual cuts to public services.

Congress is appalled by the 12 per cent real-terms cut in average full-time firefighters’ pay (measured against Consumer Prices Index inflation) since 2010.

Congress condemns the two per cent pay offer made by fire employers to firefighters in June this year, the largest real terms pay cut on firefighters in living memory.

Congress mandates the General Council to conduct a vigorous pay campaign over the coming year, including:

i. a united campaign of public sector trade unions to challenge austerity, pay cuts and the increased cost of living

ii. making the case for investment in public services necessary to protect resilience and improve the pay of public sector workers.

Congress mandates the General Council to take the necessary steps, in conjunction with affiliated unions and involving all political, industrial and legal means, to secure a decent pay rise for all workers.

Fire Brigades Union