[2020] Motion 49 Above and beyond in education

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress pays tribute to all those working in education who have gone #aboveandbeyond in delivering education to children during the pandemic and utterly rejects the criticism from government that education has been somehow slow to react in bringing children back into school.

Congress condemns the mixed messages emanating from government that have caused school leaders uncertainty about charting the safest way forward for the communities they serve. Congress also condemns the lack of specific guidance for BME school staff and for those serving BME communities, given the heightened health risk factors associated with Covid-19.

Congress shares the concern of all those that work in education about the potential for the attainment gap to grow, particularly for vulnerable children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Congress calls on the General Council to work with unions to press government to:

i. establish sufficient funding to allow all schools to cover additional costs associated with a full school return from September

ii. focus resources on mental health and wellbeing programmes for pupils who need support

iii. recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach does not exist, particularly with regard to special schools and to early years settings where there will be particular requirements that need to be addressed.

National Association of Head Teachers