[2021] Motion 50 Tory attacks on our rights

Composited motion

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The Tories’ agenda of increasingly authoritarian legislation is a fundamental attack on our democratic rights including those to organise, protest and campaign, and our trade union activities.

Since taking office in 2010 this has included introducing the draconian Trade Union Act, restricting political campaigning by organisations at elections through the ‘Gagging Act’, the ‘Spycops’ CHIS Act, measures on voter ID that are likely to depress voting, and the Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill to suppress dissent and criminalise protest.

The Tories are centralising wealth and power. They are terrified of the threat of growing discontent and protest against their policies of the vicious cuts that we have seen over the past decade, their cuts to come, and the dangerous ‘divide and rule’ strategy they have embarked on.

There is growing opposition to this draconian agenda throughout the labour movement, civil society and communities, defending the right to resist this government. The trade union movement has a proud history of protesting – and advancing the right to protest – as part of the struggle for worker and democratic rights in this country, from the Suffragettes and Tolpuddle Martyrs to the poll tax revolt, Fridays for Futures and Black Lives Matter.

Congress calls on the General Council to stand in solidarity and work with all those organisations and campaigns opposing this government’s agenda and the specific measures they bring forward.



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“Congress believes that trade union activity will be targeted by the Tories’ authoritarian measures and that unions must be central to the fight to defend democracy. Congress calls on the General Council to organise a high-profile campaign mobilising trade unionists for campaign events, including a joint union rally.”

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