[2022] Motion 54 Standing and profile of education in the UK

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress is increasingly alarmed by the falling status of education in the UK. Over 12 years of Conservative government, education has lurched from one funding crisis to the next with no vision from the government fit for education service for the 21st century.

The reckless turnover of education ministers, together with this failure to deliver real terms increases in resources for schools, short-changes children, schools and their communities.

The future prosperity of our country will be delivered by the children of today who depend on well-funded education and community services that are at the centre of the country’s economic plan.

Congress calls on all political parties to once again make education central to their manifesto commitments.

National Association of Head Teachers


› In the second paragraph, after the first instance of “schools” add “, colleges and universities”, change “short changes” to “short-changes”, replace “children” with “students”, replace “schools” with “educational institutions”, and delete “their”.

› In the third paragraph, replace “children” with “pupils and students”.

› In the final paragraph, delete “once again” and after “make” add “public funding and provision of”.

University and College Union