[2018] ** Motion 55 National education service

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Congress notes the Fabian Society’s “Life Lessons: A national education service that leaves no adult behind”. This publication sets out how a Labour government should deliver on its promise to create a free, universal ‘cradle to grave’ education system.

Congress endorses the publication’s proposals:
i. accountable – democratically account¬able and open at every level ii. devolved – with local decision-making that delivers coherent, integrated local provision, albeit within a national framework
iii. empowering – ensuring that learners, employees and institutions are all enabled and respected
iv. genuinely lifelong – with opportunities for retraining and chances to reengage at every stage, and parity for part-time and digital distance learning
v. coordinated – flexible pathways for learners between providers and strong partnerships involving providers, employers, unions and technology platforms
vi. outcome-focused – designed to meet social and economic needs, with far more adults receiving productivity-enhancing education but also recognising that learning brings wider benefits.

Congress urges all political parties to work towards the principles of a national education service with a clear commitment to support a professional workforce.

Congress also welcomes campaigns to liberate the life choices of students by moving to a system where students apply to university after they receive their
results, as happens in other countries.

Congress calls on the General Council to campaign for a system that:
a. rejects marketisation of education
b. makes teaching an attractive career choice
c. ends the use of casualised contracts
d. invests in quality professional development
e. increases engagement with staff and respects their professional autonomy.

University and College Union