[2019] Motion 57 Curriculum narrowing

carried motion
Carried motion

Received from:

Congress deplores the impact of reforms which have led to a narrowing of the
education curriculum and the loss of teacher and support staff jobs.
Congress asserts that every pupil should be entitled to receive a broad and
balanced curriculum that enhances life chances and enables children to realise their full potential.

Congress is appalled at the loss of subject specialist teachers in many schools,
driven by failed government policies, lack of funding for education and the failure of schools to invest in teachers.

Congress demands action by the government to:
i. ensure a genuine broad and balanced curriculum as an entitlement for
every pupil
ii. protect jobs of teachers and support staff.



  • In sub-paragraph i., add at end:
    “and that art, drama, music, languages and other creative/humanities subjects are given equal weight to STEM subjects”

Artists’ Union England