[2022] Motion 60 Rail industry

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress notes the significant threat faced by the rail industry due to government actions to starve the industry from the funding that is required to run a safe and viable rail network.

Congress notes that rail workers across the industry have maintained and operated this essential public service throughout the Covid crisis. Instead of being rewarded for achieving this, many rail workers have instead seen no pay rises for two years and their jobs threatened whilst passengers have seen train fares increasing by retail prices index inflation at a time of crisis for family finances.

Congress notes that the government, via the rail industry employers, seems intent on delivering compulsory redundancies, attacks on terms and conditions and attacks on pension rights.

Congress applauds the leadership of all the rail unions in confronting this threat.

Congress further believes that if the trade union movement is to be successful in protecting members’ jobs, terms and conditions and in challenging the unfair pay freeze, the TUC needs to be at the centre of all efforts to maintain the maximum level of unity between workers across all industries and all unions.

Congress therefore instructs the General Council to provide every support possible in helping affiliates and their members in their efforts to resist ongoing employer and government attacks.

Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association


› At the end of the fifth paragraph add:

“, as well as the fight against the Tory government’s attacks on industrial action by permitting the use of agency staff to replace striking workers and future plans to attack the right to take strike action.”