[2020] Motion 63 Health and safety representatives

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Congress applauds the work done by health and safety representatives during the Covid-19 crisis in making workplaces safer and Covid-secure.

Congress asserts that the coronavirus crisis has further demonstrated the vital role of health and safety representatives in workplaces, both in supporting members and providing advice to employers.

Congress believes that the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the significance of risk assessment, and the importance of having trained health and safety representatives in appraising risk assessments and giving advice to employers.

Congress asserts that the statutory right of health and safety representatives to facilities release time is essential and must be protected.

Congress further notes that many workplaces do not have health and safety representatives, and that urgent action is required to grow the number of health and safety representatives.

Congress calls on the General Council and affiliates to devise a coordinated strategy for recruiting higher numbers of health and safety representatives across all sectors.



  • Insert new paragraph 6:

“Congress believes these are vital trade union duties that benefit all workers and their employers and Congress believes reps should be supported by adequate paid time off as per the Brown Book to ensure the work is done and potential reps are not deterred in times of crisis.”

University and College Union


  • In paragraph 2, delete “providing advice to employers” and replace with “ensuring their voice is heard.”
  • Insert new paragraph 3:

“Congress rejects employer attitudes to consultation with health and safety reps where it fails to match up with the SRSC Regs’ “in good time” requirements but instead is left to a last-minute, tick-box exercise that attempts to overlook the workforce’s experience and concerns.”

Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association