[2022] Motion 63 Next steps on the new deal for working people campaign

Composited motion

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Congress agrees it has never been more important in the history of our movement for all unions to come together in leading the fight for a new deal for workers and a new social settlement for Britain.

Unions made it clear at the successful 18 June TUC demonstration that saying “enough is enough” was only the start and that the movement is committed to delivering the biggest trade union led campaign ever.

Congress agrees to:

i. start the race to the top by agreeing common bargaining agendas across sectors of the economy to end in-work poverty, fire and rehire and all forms of exploitative employment

ii. agree an autumn 2022 programme of ‘town hall’ meetings and rallies across the country and link up with community organisations to build collectivism, solidarity and mobilisation

iii. launch innovative forms of collective action that all workers can participate in before the end of 2022

iv. immediately hold special Executive and General Council meetings to sharpen the overall industrial and political demands of the campaign.

v. embark on the biggest recruitment campaign ever and for unions to engage in conversation about collaboration across industries.

Congress notes the adoption of the ‘new deal’ branding by the Labour Party, but reaffirms that this must be a distinct trade union-led campaign which is not just a response to the cost-of-living crisis but the foundation of a wider social movement that empowers working-class people in the fight for real change.

Communication Workers Union


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“Congress underlines the role unions must play in achieving social justice and fairness for working people, the importance of articulating that change is possible, and notes that unions report membership gains during periods of publicised activity and action.”

National Education Union