[2022] Motion 65 Cost-of-living crisis

Composited motion

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Congress notes that rocketing inflation and employers’ attacks on pay and conditions to maintain profits are compounding falls in real earnings for the majority of the population over many years. Unless challenged, this will further increase the distribution of wealth and power in favour of the rich at the expense of the working class.

Congress therefore fully supports those trade unions fighting for better pay and defending jobs, conditions and pensions including those taking strike action on the railways and London Underground. Strong public support for a range of disputes is clear despite disgraceful attempts by the government ministers to demonise striking workers and divide workers.

Congress rejects government propaganda that increasing wages lead to inflation. In reality, inflation is driven by corporations passing on higher costs, such as fuel, and increasing profits.

Congress welcomes the TUC national demonstration on 18 June which successfully captured a growing mood that working people deserve a better deal. Recent disputes clearly show that when unions fight, we increase our appeal to non-unionised workers.

Congress believes that, to strengthen our hand at this critical time, the General Council must, where possible, plan and encourage coordinated strike action between affiliates to maximise its impact and effectiveness.

Congress believes the Labour Party should not stand on the sidelines but should support our picket lines at the heart of this struggle to defend and improve living standards via the redistribution of wealth.

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers