[2021] Motion 69 New deal for workers mobilisation strategy

Composited motion

Received from:

It has never been more important in the history of our movement for this generation of trade union leaders and all trade unions to campaign and take action together in pursuit of shared industrial and political demands.

TUC policy is firmly established in this area and in 2020 we agreed to mobilise for the “New Deal for Workers” campaign and we must now urgently up the ante on this by taking the following actions:

i. The existing TUC New Deal Charter must be sharpened with simple over-arching demands and a contemporary narrative.

ii. A mobilisation strategy must enable each union to pitch their key issues to their own members, whilst also linking this to the overarching demands and narrative of the New Deal campaign.

iii. A national rally will be held in spring 2022. In advance of this there will be a national tour and town hall style meetings to strengthen the campaign and the turnout for the rally.

iv. All unions and their branches, TUC regions and trades councils will be asked to make the New Deal campaign an ongoing key agenda item, including a coordinated communications/engagement strategy in advance of the rally.

v. We will build a social movement in support of the New Deal campaign by engaging community and appropriate national membership organisations.

Congress agrees the New Deal mobilisation plan will be agreed by the General Council by October 2021 and will include an ongoing programme of action beyond the rally.

Communication Workers Union


In paragraph 1, add at end:

“Across the economy the future of work must be one which provides decent living and working standards and recognises workers’ collective voice.”

In paragraph 2, insert new sub-paragraph iii.:

“iii.  The strategy must include coordinated activities to build union density and workplace activity in order that we can grow our strength from our base.”
Renumber subsequent sub-paragraphs.

National Education Union


In paragraph 2, add new sub-paragraph vi.:

“vi. The heads of communication of each affiliate will meet once the mobilisation strategy has been agreed by the General Council to agree a joint approach to the public promotion of the New Deal campaign.”

University and College Union