[2019] Motion 70 Over-75s’ TV licences and protecting BBC funding

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Congress recognises the vital role that free TV licences play in the lives of many over-75s and that this is a welfare benefit that should be funded by government, not the BBC.

Congress believes that the issues around free TV licences highlight wider concerns about the long-term role and government support for public service broadcasting.

Congress recognises the important role that public service broadcasting and
the BBC play at the heart of UK culture and creative industries. The BBC plays an integral role in developing and nurturing talent, technical, craft and creatives’ skills across the UK. Congress agrees that the BBC (and other broadcasters) should and can do more to promote diversity and equality in the industry, both behind and in front of the camera, and supports the Federation of Entertainment Unions’ campaign to achieve this.

Congress notes that the BBC has also taken seriously the challenge to provide
employment outside of London, opening production centres in Media City in
Salford, other parts of the English regions and in Scotland and Wales.

Congress also notes that the BBC is rightly held to a high standard as a publicly funded, national broadcaster. Congress recognises whilst the BBC should be open to scrutiny it is also often subject to additional public criticism that is not always fair, in context or in comparison with other broadcasting organisations.

Congress resolves to:
i. campaign for government to fully fund free TV licences for over-75s
ii. campaign for adequate and long-term funding for the BBC
iii. re-affirm its commitment to public sector broadcasting.