[2023] Motion 79 Supporting the Ron Todd Foundation as a movement

carried motion
Carried motion

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The Ron Todd Foundation has supported 34,733 trade union members over a 12-month period (2021–22) through practical solidarity, Ron Todd House and solidarity education workshops.

The cost-of-living crisis means that working people are struggling with everyday living costs, thus pushing them further into poverty.
Congress agrees that the trade union movement needs to support organisations who offer practical solidarity rather than traditional charity.

Congress therefore resolves:

i. that the TUC becomes a member by affiliating to the Ron Todd Foundation.

ii. to call on trades councils to officially support the Ron Todd Foundation by becoming a member by affiliating.

iii. to call on all TUC-affiliated trade unions to officially support the Ron Todd

Foundation by ensuring that their union nationally supports the charity by becoming a member by affiliating and that members, branches, regions, sectors are proactively encouraged to do the same.

iv. to support the work of the Ron Todd Foundation by publicising the activities of the organisation throughout the networks available to the TUC.

v. to propose to TUC-affiliated trade unions that they publicise the activities of the Ron Todd Foundation as widely as possible.

vi. to request that TUC-affiliated trade unions support the ‘Looking Back to Fight Forward’ campaign by calling on their branches to become part of the Five Hundred Solidarity Network*.

*The Ron Todd Foundation are looking for 500 branches, regions, sectors, unions to donate £500 a year for five years, to enable the Foundation to increase capacity, creating additional solidarity hubs across the regions

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